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NEW!!  PermaMatrix® BSP, A unique biotic soil particle (BSP) that can be applied with all conventional seed applications, from standard agricultural drills to home lawn broadcast seeders.  Visit to learn more.


Problem Disturbed, depleted and heavily compacted soils have no or limited living rhizosphere remaining to support plant life. Construction sites become immune to plant establishment requiring frequent re-seeding and more chemical fertilizers resulting in failed re-vegetation attempts.

SolutionPermaMatrix® Biotic Soil Amendment, is a new approach to establishing vegetation on poor soils. PermaMatrix® at its core focuses on sustainability by creating a living ecological membrane for depleted soils. Applied hydraulically using readily available equipment, it significantly reduces the impact and the cost associated with replacing topsoil and compost.

PermaMatrix® primes the natural ecosystem using a process designed to mimic relationships found in native ecologies. Results surpass traditional topsoil-seeding-fertilizing efforts.

PermaMatrix® is a blend of pure organics and recycled materials for use on all sites where soils have been disturbed and there is a need to improve the performance of the native plant communities, without fear of contamination of sensitive sites!

PermaMatrix® Is your soil barren or dead? Is your vegetation sparse or hard to establish? Is the cost of importing topsoil and compost costing you a fortune? If your answer was yes to any of these, you need PermaMatrix®.

Why not compare costs? Call now and we will send you a PermaMatrix® Cost Calculator.  See the difference for yourself.

PermaMatrix® Biotic Soil Amendment
Combines carbon based fiber, superior organics, micro-organisms, beneficial fungi, water holding materials, and many other soil-like components together to create a growing medium that is not only optimal for plant growth but creates a permanent and healthy growing environment for plants. It is also excellent for poor soils that need an organic additive and for slopes and channels where you need to dramatically boost the organic content of your subsoil.

BENEFITS of PermaMatrix®:

* Enhanced plant establishment
* Improved plant performance
* Biochar enhanced
* 30:1 c/n ratio
* Restores biological function
* Sustainable
* Recycled materials
* Improves soil microbial life
* Optimum host for soil microbes
* Increased water absorption
* Carbon sequestration in soil
* Hydraulically applied
* Bioremediation for environmental contaminates


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