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NaturalTac™ Organic Tackifier

A premium organic Hydroseeding Tackifier, NaturalTac™ provides a valuable binding and lubricating agent for use with hydraulically applied seed and hydro mulching operations. Tackifiers promote smooth operation of hydraulic seeding equipment while effectively holding loose straw mulches on the ground. NaturalTac tackifier can also provide a short-term, cost effective dust control solution. NaturalTac allows for greater spray distance, while improving fiber dispersal on soil contact. This produces a uniform erosion resistant cover and holds seed in place until vegetation grows and stabilizes. NaturalTac is ideal for projects where the use of natural biodegradable and organic products free of toxic chemicals and harmful substances are preferred. It is environmentally safe to plant and animal life. NaturalTac may be utilized with PermaMatrix® or as a stand-alone over-spray for dust control.



NaturalTac™ may be prepared for application by mixing at 10 to 35-lb per 1000 gallons of water.

Higher concentrations may be used with equipment capable of mixing and pumping higher viscosity.

NaturalTac™ reduces pumping friction and improves spray patterns due to its unique polymer properties.










15 – 40

40 – 60

60 – 80

80 – 120

120 – 220



NaturalTac™ is packaged in 50-lb bags, 40 per pallet, or 40 pound boxes, with 4 10# bags each.


Natural Tac™ is an organic Polysaccharides starch based biopolymer. A natural compound that is found in most living things, Polysaccharides contain compounds such as cellulose that are often packed together to form a ridged structure and are soluble in water making a paste. Microbes in the soil readily consume these organic compounds transforming them in to simple sugars and carbohydrates. Studies have shown that simple sugars can be a natural deterrent to fast growing annual weeds. These simple sugars are an innovative alternative to herbicides and curb one of agriculture’s costly scourges – annual weeds. In a three year project by researchers from Charles Sturt University’s Institute for Land, Water and Society, sugar spread on plots was found to effectively inhibit or starve the growth of annual weeds, making way for the native grasslands to flourish. PermaMatrix® combination with NaturalTac™ goal is to work out the best methods for re-establishing a native ecosystem that is diverse, self-sustaining and resistant to invasion by weeds.