Enhanced Fish Passage for Ecological Restoration


The FishWay RxTM system utilizes the EnvirolokTM structural vegetated wall consisting of geosynthetic bags filled with engineered media to create a structural wall and control erosion. This wall is locked into place with geosynthetic strapping, anchor spikes and completed with native vegetation that provides a natural habitat for fish migration. Undersized and perched culverts are replaced with pre-engineered pre-built modular components that enhance the biological function of the streambank and provide seamless fish passage through the structure.

Behind the EnvirolokTM wall are engineered pre-cast concrete footings placed to support a grated bridge crossing. These pre-engineered bridges meet AASHTO load ratings from 12-30 tons per axle depending on the system used. They also meet the specifications established by state and federal agencies including DOT, BLM, USFS, NP, and US Military installations. Due to the grated nature of the crossing, sunlight can penetrate to the water level supporting both plant and organism life.

Installation is low impact with just minor excavation needed.  All components are pre-fabricated offsite for quality control and are assembled onsite with minimal transport and lifting equipment. Once installed, PermaMatrix biotic soil amendment is utilized with a native seed mix that is hydroseeded onto the Envirolok system to fully vegetate the streambanks.  The FishWay RxTM system restores the biological function of the streambanks, enhances passage for fish and animals, while providing an engineered solution that you can be proud to install.



· Increased habitat
· Enhanced spawning areas
· Restoration of biological function
· Aquatic organism passage
· Species diversity
· Erosion Control
· Sized to storm events or Channel Forming Flows (CFF)
· Lower impact construction
· Simpler construction methods
· Pre engineered system
· Modular components
· Green soft armored solution
· Increased service life
· Adaptable to any size stream or roadway